It only took me a year of convincing, but I have put a donation button on the page as a very optional option, should you be feeling beyond generous. 


I felt so guilty and frankly gross last year even thinking of taking donations because of how much exposure the site got - I was a little worried money coming in in any volume would take away the true spirit of the project which was empowering the small businesses (and sticking it to the man).

With that being saaaaaid... thinking I could fully afford hosting the website on four different software platforms was a little foolish on my end, so while the hype has died down a little bit, I thought I would throw it on for good measure. 

Hopefully I can still stick it to the man even with a donation button and this doesn't make me look like a greedy guts. 

I am beyond grateful should you choose to toss a little money in - I can't guarantee it won't still make me feel guilty but my credit score certainly thanks you :)

xo Ali