How do I add my business?

I've left submissions open but I'm on a lil mental health break to avoid a big time burnout. So a warning! You might not see your biz up for a little bit unfortunately. There is a button at the bottom of every city's main page that says "Submit a Business", you can use the form that pops for for ya there!

What are the guidelines for submission?

Here is what you reaaallly gotta do or else your submission won't be added:

  1. The link must start with "https://"
  2. The photo submitted CAN NOT: include more than a tiny bit of text, be a collage of photos, be just the company's logo, be from Google Maps, and lastly - this is most imporant - it can't be pixelated.
I recommend making the image at least 1080px wide. If any of these guideline aren't followed, unfortunately your listing won't appear on the site and you will have to resubmit.

How long will it take my submitted business to appear?

Ooh, this one is a toughie. Currently there are just two of us working on submissions and rebuilding the site, working to add more cities, etc. so it is slow going! Our mental health and longevity is taking priority at the moment to avoid burnout so you'll have to be patient with us :))

What if I don't see my submission after a couple weeks?

I would give it maybe a month or more at this point (SORRY!) before really worrying about it, but any longer than that and it was prooobably an issue somewhere along the way between your link or your image. A lil reminder for both! 1. Links must start with "https://" or they won't appear on the site 2. Photos must NOT be the following: heavy on text, an image of just the company's logo, a collage, a screenshot with Instagram or website borders, or... and this one is MOST IMPORTANT... it cannn noootttt be pixelated! If it is anything of the above, it will not be accepted and you'll have to resubmit.

How to I add my city?

We aren't currently accepting any new cities at the moment! We are constantly working on adding more locations behind the scenes, but for now it is a solo endeavour! Thank you for your interest!

What if I want to say something really mean to you in an email or offer unsolicited advice that also comes across as pretty mean?

I would ask that you don't? Lolling. Again, I am just one person who is doing this in my free time on top of a full time job, for no money whatsoever. The site will never function like a multi-billion dollar corporation's :)