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  • How do I add my business?
    There is a button at the bottom of every city's main page that says "Submit a Business", you can use the form that pops up for ya there!
  • What are the guidelines for submission?
    Here is what you reaaallly gotta do or else your submission won't be added: The link must start with "https://" The photo submitted CAN NOT: include more than a tiny bit of text, be a collage of photos, be just the company's logo, be from Google Maps, and lastly - this is most important - it can't be pixelated. I recommend making the image at least 1080px wide. If any of these guidelines aren't followed, unfortunately your listing won't appear on the site and you will have to resubmit.
  • How long will it take my submitted business to appear?
    Ooh, this one is a toughie. Currently the site is *not* being actively updated on a regular basis, so let's say a coupla weeks just to be sure!
  • How to I add my city?
    I am not currently accepting new individual cities at the moment - with just me at the helm it just proved to be too much work. SORRRYYYY.
  • What if I want to say something really mean to you in an email or offer unsolicited advice that also comes across as pretty mean?
    I would ask that you don't? Lolling. Again, I am just one person who is doing this in my free time on top of a full-time job, for no money whatsoever. The site will never function like a multi-billion dollar corporation's :)
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